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From survival to success. 6 steps to take for starting an e-commerce

Nothing can stop the client from not entering a shop, especially if the shop is closed. In the last 8 months, the world has suffered because of the measures taken during the sanitary crisis and has come on the verge of economic crisis. And this is a tough reality, no matter how productive might be […]

De la supraviețuire la succes. 6 pași pentru a te lansa în comerțul electronic.

Nimic nu poate împiedica clientul să nu mai intre într-un magazin, mai ales dacă acest magazin e închis. După 8 luni, lumea a suferit de pe urma măsurilor de combatere a crizei sanitare și a ajuns pe marginea crizei economice. Iar asta este o realitate dură, oricât de productivi ar fi un angajații care muncesc […]

Azure Stack HCI – world-class infrastructure for modern businesses

As the COVID pandemic and economic changes this year led the world to adopt a new normal, businesses have explored new approaches to adapt and improve the delivery of their goods and services with reduced costs, in a continuously growing remote work context. Up to recent, the HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure), which sets the basis for […]

Microsoft Teams goes from 300 to 1,000 seats available in a meeting

The COVID-19 crisis urged the adoption of online communication and collaboration tools with a few years. Microsoft Teams gained more and more trust in this process, due to its complexity engaged in an effortless use. As per the statistics, it currently counts more than 115 million daily active users in meeting sessions of a maximum […]

Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter In Remote Challenging Areas

Microsoft designed a movable data centre – Azure Modular Datacenter – to sustain cloud computing adoption in the remote challenging areas. The Azure MDC is a completely secured and reinforced container of servers. It is architected for areas where it’s hard to provide reliable cloud connectivity. The MDC is complementary to Azure Space solution since […]

Microsoft takes digital transformation TO SPACE

As the road to space gets more and more accessible, corporations across a wide variety of verticals are leveraging the advantages of using satellites as well as other space technologies for goals such as earth research, satellite transmissions and cloud computing.  This context generates a plenitude of opportunities, as well as a complete set of […]

Microsoft commits to replenish more water than it consumes in water-stressed regions

The access to safe drinking water is nowadays a serious problem for more than 2 billion people, as per the U.N. Water statement. The amplifying factors are also global warming effects. The United Nations forecast for 2050 is that multiple countries will be affected by this phenomenon, and 1 in 4 people in those countries […]

Microsoft offers guidance to properly approach flexible workplace

Last week, Kathleen Hogan, the Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer at Microsoft, shared the company’s point of view regarding remote working. Carefully observing internal productivity over the pandemics, Microsoft showed complete confidence in remote work and allowed more employees to work from home. To help other businesses overcome remote work challenges and increase […]

Microsoft provides free JavaScript coding lessons on YouTube

More and more people are willing to know how to code and become successful programmers, however for biggest disadvantage for most of them is that the available learning programs are regularly pretty pricy or the quality over quantity is not as expected.  Microsoft would like to support developers in their personal growth journey and help […]

Microsoft adds the first data centre in Greece to the digital transformation roadmap

In the latest press release today, Microsoft announced its aim to hasten the digital transformation by building the first data centre in Greece, as part of the “GR for GRowth” program.  To sustain growth opportunities in the Greek region, Microsoft plans to add Greece to the world’s largest cloud infrastructure and train about 100,000 local people […]

Microsoft is exploring holographic solutions to improve the ability to store data in the cloud

Last week, at Microsoft’s virtual Ignite 2020 conference, the American tech giant presented an innovative technology they currently explore, to improve cloud data storage. Microsoft stated that contemporary storage technologies are not advancing as fast as expected, and these also confront with reliability and performance difficulties due to the hardware parts in motion and the […]