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Microsoft Teams goes from 300 to 1,000 seats available in a meeting

The COVID-19 crisis urged the adoption of online communication and collaboration tools with a few years. Microsoft Teams gained more and more trust in this process, due to its complexity engaged in an effortless use.

As per the statistics, it currently counts more than 115 million daily active users in meeting sessions of a maximum of 300 participants, but the users need more. The corporate and enterprise environment hold quarterly meetings, annual meetings, events, and even regular daily meetings that require more than 300 seats.

To come in their help and overcome competition, Microsoft considered increasing the limit of participants in a Teams online meeting chat. They are working hard to come up with upper limits to some features of Teams throughout the Advanced Communication paid add-on, which will cover:

  • Attendees per event – max. 20,000
  • Simultaneous sessions per tenant – max. 50
  • Broadcast limit – max. 16h

There are a lot more feature enhancements to Microsoft’s modern-workplace solutions to be released at the beginning of 2021, but you can check them all in the official documentation in HERE.

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