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Azure Stack HCI – world-class infrastructure for modern businesses

As the COVID pandemic and economic changes this year led the world to adopt a new normal, businesses have explored new approaches to adapt and improve the delivery of their goods and services with reduced costs, in a continuously growing remote work context. Up to recent, the HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure),


Microsoft Teams goes from 300 to 1,000 seats available in a meeting

The COVID-19 crisis urged the adoption of online communication and collaboration tools with a few years. Microsoft Teams gained more and more trust in this process, due to its complexity engaged in an effortless use. As per the statistics, it currently counts more than 115 million daily active users in

Azure Space Cloud Computing Satelite

Microsoft takes digital transformation TO SPACE

As the road to space gets more and more accessible, corporations across a wide variety of verticals are leveraging the advantages of using satellites as well as other space technologies for goals such as earth research, satellite transmissions and cloud computing.  This context generates a plenitude of opportunities, as well